О необходимости онтологии для классификации и навигации по универсуму компьютерных языков

On the need of ontology for classification and navigation in the computer languages universe

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The universe (virtual world) of computer languages includes thousands of languages within different classes – programming, specification, simulation, etc. A research project targeting onto development of the classification of this universe was under development in the period from 2008 to 2013 at the A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems. This paper presents the sum of the main theoretical research results of this research on the classification of computer languages (which, in our opinion, are still valid and promising) and discusses new approaches to the development of a computer-aided support for this classification (based on machine learning and natural language processing). An importance of further development of the classification project is based on the need of better understanding the universe of the computer languages and more objective approach to language choice to implement software projects.
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